Random thoughts on a snow filled February day.

February 13, 2019
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As I look out my home office window, I see a common winter sight in the Chicago area, lots of snow!  Right now it's fresh, white and pretty.  A bit like a picture postcard.  Soon though, it's likely to be dark grey, ugly and slushy!  Unless it melts quickly, this is the lifecycle of snow in the big city.  I like the fact that we have a change in seasons here.  I really wouldn't like 80 degrees and sunny every day.  However, a few of those days sprinkled in about now would be very welcome!  The bitter cold we experienced two weeks ago and the winter weather in general makes me greatful  for my warm home and office!  My heart breaks for the homeless, particularly when it's -26 degrees!  I also think about all the animals, how do they survive?

Today is a very special winter day.  In fact, in some ways for baseball fans like me, today is the first day of spring.  For today is the day they say those four magic words, "pitchers and catchers report."  To the non-baseball fans out there, spring training for the Cubs starts today!  Can summer days be far behind?  While I like the change in seasons, I've had my fill of winter.  I'm ready for the crack of bat meeting ball, the smell of ribs on my grill and the sounds of summer in Chicago!  Can you hear them?  Hey, it stopped snowing!  Is that a sign or just wishful thinking?