Cubs Bad Start

April 08, 2019

I don't think this is what Cubs President Theo Epstein had in mind when he tried to instill a sense of urgency in his players after last years disappointing finish.  At this moment, the Cubs are 1-5, while their chief divisional rival, the Brewers (sorry Cardinals), are 6-1.  Ouch!!  Now the Cubs face the Brewers for a three game series in Milwaukee.  If the Cubs were to get swept, they would be 7.5 games out before playing their home opener!  That's got to be close to a record deficit before a team even plays it's first home game.  It looks bleak for the Cubs.  So far their relief pitching is historically bad, as a team they're ice cold and the Brewers are red hot.  It seems logical that the Brewers should dominate this series, especially since they're at home.  But baseball is a funny game.  Just when you think something is sure to happen, the opposite happens.  I would not be surprised to see the Cubs win the series, even though there is little reason to think they will.  Maybe it's just a Cub fan's wishful thinking, but let's see what happens.

The stock market is similar to baseball in that when everyone believes one thing will happen, usually something else happens.  When everyone thinks the market is great, the news is good and the market can't go down, watch out!  It's a times like this that markets peak and bear markets begin.  Conversely, when news is bad and no one likes the market, when there is blood in the streets so to speak, this could be a very good time to invest.  Bull markets often start at times like this.  Be careful when there is a very strong consensus either way, it could be that a turning point is near.  Often it pays to be a contrarian, to go against the crowd.  This is true in many areas of life, not just in baseball and investing.   

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